Cost Containment

The easiest way to increase your bottom line is by reducing costs. In today’s economy this can mean the difference between survival and extinction as well as the potential loss of good employees.

Prestige’s cost containment services will help your business regardless of size, small, middle market and large corporations, achieve significant cost-savings.   Since our inception we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their cost savings and cash flow objectives.

Process of reducing organizational costs within a specified budget; restraining expenditures to meet organizational or project financial targets attributes to our vast array of services.

Our Strategy

  • Taking cost/price analysis further for long-term cost-competitiveness
  • Analytical tools to understand cost drivers
  • Techniques for multi-firm process mapping
  • Activity-based costing between organizations
  • Approaches to compressing time, and therefore costs
  • Creating ways for containing costs
  • Setting cost-containment goals with suppliers and or beneficiaries

Prestige Provides:

  1. Constant research info best & most efficient employment practices
  2. Annual review & aggressive negotiation for best values health & dental insurance
  3. Ongoing assessment of benefits options & pricing
  4. State of the art payroll processing technology
  5. Careful monitoring of UI & WC claims & costs
  6. Popular voluntary benefits programs to save employees monies
Your Benefits:
  1. Reduced employment & benefit costs
  2. No time spent researching or negotiating to avoid large cost increases