Retirement Plans

No matter how big or small your business, outsourcing some of your non-core tasks makes smart business sense. After all, it’s impossible to staff up in every possible area. That’s probably why you’ve brought in partners for payroll and tax administration, health and welfare benefits and human resources management.

Simply put, outside specialists can do it better, faster, cheaper – while giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Now you can extend those same benefits to your retirement savings plan. By joining our multiple employer plan (MEP), you’ll give your employees more investment choices and options while retaining the ability to tailor your plan to suit your company’s unique needs. It’s the best of both worlds. Bigger benefits. Greater choices. Easier administration. Tailored to your company. And it can be yours for virtually no out-of-pocket costs.

  • Easy Administration
  • Fiduciary Liability Relief
  • Superior Investment Menu
  • Efficient Pricing
  • Customized Plan Design

Minimal Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Efficient Pricing

Joining a multiple employer plan offers your company a cost-effective retirement savings plan solution for your employees.

The bigger you are, the more buying power you have.  Multiple employer plan pricing is based on the combined assets of all the adopting employers in the plan.  In contrast, individual plans command less buying power, consistent with their smaller asset size.  To make matters worse, smaller plans are also typically required to utilize expensive share classes for investment options, or must choose among limited, proprietary investment options.

As the PEO and plan sponsor, we take care of the:

  • Plan document
  • Annual audit
  • Annual government filing

To take care of plan administration and ensure the plan’s good standing, we engage a:

  • Plan investment advisor
  • ERISA legal counsel
  • Third party administrator (TPA)
  • Recordkeeper

By adopting a multiple employer plan, you willrrrrrenjoy big plan pricing, including:

  • Low-cost share classes
  • Diverse investment menu from an open architecture provider
  • No wrap-fees or hidden charges
  • No surrender charges
  • Low asset and per participant fees
  • Fee flexibility (asset and participant fees can be charged to participant accounts or direct billed to the employer)

Because we take care of these critical items for you, your company costs are minimal.  As an adopting employer, you will have no plan document fees, no audit fees, and no surprises.