Umemployment Claims Processing

Prestige Employee Administrators Unemployment At Prestige we know the man power and the duration it takes from the start to finish of all claims for unemployment insurance. We take that burden away from you and handle it from the beginning of the process all the way through to the end without any lag time in between. We gather all the necessary information, draft and process all required paperwork and responses, audit all unemployment insurance poll balances and more.

At Prestige we monitor and facilitate all employee problems earlier therefore thwarting any kind of issues while avoiding and lowering turnover. 

Prestige provides:

  1. Systems & training to avoid UI claims
    • Seminars on coaching, constructive criticism & progressive
    • Proper documentation if & when termination is required
  2. Timely professional response to all UI Claims
    • Gather & assemble all relevant information
    • Draft and send all required responses & paperwork
  3. Representation at all UI hearings
  4. Regular audit of UI poll balances
    • Monitor for improper distributions
    • Recover misappropriated funds
  5. Alternative employment possibilities for terminated workers within the Prestige Network
    • For employees terminated due to economic circumstances
Your benefits:
  1. More affectively deal with employee problems earlier
  2. Lower turnover to avoid claims
  3. Successfully contest unwarranted
  4. No staff time spent responding to claims
  5. No staff time spend attending UI hearings
  6. No unauthorized disbursements from UI pool
  7. Potential job offer to employees terminated through no fault of their own